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Morton rhue is the pen name of successful american childrens writer todd strasser. The wave is based on a true incident that occurred in a high school history class in palo alto, california, in 1969. Have students read gunns poem aloud a few times in pairs. Just send us an email and well put the best up on the site. A jew said something critical of the wave and he was beaten up. The wave, its motto will be strength through discipline, strength through. Chapter laurie goes to the game on saturday, and she wants to sit with amy. Asked in warriors book series what is book 2 called in omen of the stars warrior cat series. Books similar to the wave meet your next favorite book.

Campbell family crest, coat of arms and name history. Price revolutions and the rhythm of history is a scholarly work by historian david hackett fischer, published 1996 by oup. The wave by morton rhue is in the top ten childrens books about weighty subjects. Read online wave pdf by sonali deraniyagala for free.

Ben ross and his history class are about to learn a. However, she is stopped by brad, who commands her to do the wave salute before entering the bleachers. Quarterly, first and fourth, gyronny of eight gold and black, the crest being a boars head couped gold. Ross discusses the wave with principal owens, he is still confident in his ability to control the experiment. It is a novelization of a teleplay by johnny dawkins for the movie the wave, a fictionalized account of the third wave teaching experiment by ron jones that took place in an ellwood p. The wave by todd strasser adapted by paul stebbings and phil smith final rehearsal draft, september 2014 cast. Brad actually does not want to make people salute, but the rest of the wave forces him. This question is part of the wave by todd strasser. Jones started a movement called the third wave and told his students that the movement aimed to eliminate democracy. At lunch, all the students in the wave sit together rather than breaking into separate cliques. He needs to be part of a group because, well, we all need other people in our lives. The powerful forces of group pressure that pervaded many historic movements such as nazism are recreated in the classroom when history teacher burt ross introduces a new system to his students. In the wave, we can regard the way that a simple class test can finish in such a dramatically way. As you might be thinking, these types of symbols arent just in use in the wave and nazi germany, but in almost every type of group.

As one of the most impassioned members of the wave whose status in the school is lifted by the organization, robert billings is the individual who best represents the group mentality of the wave. The wave is little more, at least on the surface, than a recitation of facts by a seemingly objective reporter. The wave questions and answers discover the community of teachers, mentors and students just like you that can answer any question you might have on the wave. The wave is soulful, smooth, sophisticated and inclusive, reflecting southern californias hip and diverse vibe. The press was founded in 2005, merging with established publisher verse press. It is a novelization of a teleplay by johnny dawkins for the movie th e wav e, a fictionalized account of the th ird w ave teaching experiment by ron jones that took place in an ellwood p. Frank oconnor, another great irish short story writer, says in his book a short history of irish literature that the great oflaherty of the short stories is a man without ideals or opinions, concerned only with the facts. In less than a week, the school was out of control. We had just read the wave in class and seen the movie. Study guide for the wave california film institute. The characters are well dressed and affluent white middle class. Ross class, but soon they involved the whole school.

The wave quotes explanations with page numbers litcharts. Find the quotes you need in todd strassers the wave, sortable by theme, character, or chapter. The third wave was an experimental social movement created by california high school history teacher ron jones in 1967 to explain how the german population could accept the actions of the nazi regime during the second world war. One student, david collins, thinks the wave can help. The wave is a story about a teacher who tries to teach students about the nazi party, by creating his own cultlike group, to provide an example of how easy it is to fall into terrible ideals. The wave is based on a true incident that occured in a high school history class in palo alto, california, in 1969. He also encourages the students to recruit people outside the class to join the wave. The whole basis for the wave is the idea of a group willing to follow their leader. I borrowed this book from my school library summary from the back of the book.

Chapter 10 principal owens and ben ross discuss the wave. In this novel, the wave is the main antagonist, even acting on its own as its power grows. One of the new york timess 10 best books of the year, a christian science monitor best nonfiction book, a newsday top 10 books pick, a people magazine top 10 pick, a good reads best book of the year, and a kirkus best nonfiction book. Rhue, morton the wave johannes habersatter presentation essay. Rhue, morton the wave sven ackermann referat aufsatz schule. Todd strasser was born in 1950 in america who wrote more than 140 youngadult novels and many short stories and works of nonfiction, some under the pen name morthon rhue and t. The powerful forces of group pressure that pervaded many historic movements such as nazism are recreated in the. Laurie starts to have second thoughts on whether the wave is a fad or not. Then they enlarged the motto by a third word strength through action. The idea that democracy emphasises individuality was considered as a drawback, and jones emphasised this main point of the movement in its motto. Het boek werd geschreven in 1981, maar het werd gebaseerd op een gebeurtenis uit 1969.

The novel suggests that robert is open to the wave because he desperately needs a place to belong the competitive atmosphere at school is too much for him. Campbell is the surname of the dukes of argyll, dating from 1445 ad, and their coat of arms is blazoned as follows. As long as im involved in this, i can assure you that it cant get out of hand. Er is ook een soort golfbeweging te bespeuren, dat wil zeggen alles stapelt zich meer en meer op. The 3rd wave was a virus that killed 97% of the people left and the 4th wave they used something cassie called silencers.

Born in new york in 1950, todd has had more than 140 childrens and young adult books published. The the wave quotes below all refer to the symbol of the wave. If she argued against the wave now, she would really be implying that robert should go sit by himself again and not be part of their community. I like it when the author keeps you guessing until later on in the book. In pairs, ask students to suggest alternative readings of the poems meter. What are the 3 motto of the book called the wave answers. The wave is based on an incident that took place in a high school history class in palo alto, california in 1969. She talked to roberts mom and described the laurie the change she saw in him. This lesson cannot be tol the wave is a 1981 young adult novel by todd strasser.

May 02, 20 n ever in my life have i read a book so hard hitting and thought provoking and also gripping as the wave. Ben ross teacher, his wife christie, students robert, laurie, david, eric, deutsch a middle class, comfortable suburban community. With that in mind, you can understand why symbols in the wave and the wave. The wave has a very slow beginning and i didnt really like that. Strength through discipline, strength through community, strength through action, strength through pride. Sadly, until the wave comes along, no group at school will have him. Tonight ben ross is sitting at his kitchentable reading a book about the third reich. It was the wave that had given robert the courage to sit at that table with them and to join in the conversation. His most wellknown book is the wave which is a fictionalized account of a fascinating teaching experiment in a california high school in 1967.

For each quote, you can also see the other characters and themes related to it. Cubberley high school history class in palo alto, california. The wave by todd strasser meet your next favorite book. He creates a group called the wave, complete with a logo, mottos, and a salute. People were beating other people up if they didnt join the wave and turning on their best friends. There is speculation towards the end of the book as to what the 5th wave is which should be explored in the sequel out later this year. About us wave books is an independent poetry press based in seattle, washington, dedicated to publishing exceptional contemporary poetry, poetry in translation, and writing by poets. The quizworksheet combo is a tool designed to help you see how much you know about the wave. The book showcases north coyote buttes, home of the wave, which is located in the northwest corner of vermilion cliffs national monument situated on the utaharizona border. The third wave 6 controversies 7 other social psychology experiments 7 the milgram experiment 8 the stanford prison experiment 8 authoritarian movements 10 fascism 10 nazism 11 the wave 14 questions for discussion and research 15 references and bibliography 16 appendix 16 the third wave 16. Hackett fischer identified three complete monetary waves in european history, each consisting of. Lauries mom tells her not to be so affected by the wave. As leader, he did not ask for this however, seeing these things in effect, he decides to feed the wave further with a new slogan and rules.

The powerful forces of group pressure that pervaded many historic movements such as. Since he invented the wave and is its leader, he believes he can control what its members do. The new motto becomes strength through discipline, strength through community mr. The wave already begins to take on its own power, as ben ross finds the first slogan still on the board and the students still showing rigorous discipline.

Sonali deraniyagala, author of wave sonali deraniyagala lost her husband, two sons and parents to the indian ocean tsunami that claimed the lives of more than 200,000 people. For the 2nd wave they created tsunamis around the world killing more. Sep 01, 1981 the book begins with only a class about 30 pupils which all of them become part of the wave. Apr 14, 2011 i think this book has a good story line, but the way its written isnt as good. Book 1 was called the lost hero, book 2 willis called the son of neptune. Chapter 1 laurie saunders sat in the publications office at gordon high school chewing on the end of a bic pen. I like books with fast beginnings and less of a character description right at the start. The wave is a 1981 young adult novel by todd strasser under the pen name morton rhue though it has been reprinted under todd strassers real name. I personally liked the book because it showed me that peer pressure is something we should.

The main symbols at play are the wave logo, the wave motto, the wave salute, and the wave identity cards. Strength through discipline, community, action the wave. Use from the wave to get students thinking about prosody. Wave erosion is the wearing away of land and the removal of beach by wave currents. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Laurie at first does not but succumbs to peer pressure. Wave books is an independent poetry press based in seattle, washington. The plot of the book and important characters are topics you need to know for the quiz. Ross notices that students have begun to take the wave into their own hands, saluting him outside of class and advertising for it in the hallways.

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